1. Changing How We “Care”
    Changing How We “Care”
  2. Living “Outside” Four Walls
    Living “Outside” Four Walls
  3. Enjoy Independence at REX Communities
    Enjoy Independence at REX Communities
  4. Receiving Loving Care
    Receiving Loving Care
  5. Supporting Those Who Have Protected Us
    Supporting Those Who Have Protected Us
  6. ENJOY REX-LIVING by The Residence Exchange
    ENJOY REX-LIVING by The Residence Exchange
Pardon Our Growth
The Residence Exchange & Rex Communities website is undergoing technological upgrades and reconstruction in order to reflect our growth!  The new site is scheduled to launch by November 9, 2017.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we look forward to serving you in the near future!
We’re Revolutionizing Care Communities 
Nursing homes, as we know it, will become a thing of the past with REX Living.  We’ve created NURSING RESORTS that fit easily into an Assisted Living - Style Community offering a thriving atmosphere with a significant increase in the quality of life.
Welcome to the 21st Century way of living.  From Veterans to retirees, our new communities will attract residents from everywhere without mobility and income restrictions.  We have made resort-style living available and REX Communities is on the move.  With locations selected in metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix ... just to mention a few, be prepared to witness the future NOW.  Our ultimate goal is to BECOME KNOWN AS THE NURSING HOME ALTERNATIVE!
The key component is congregating residents who, first will work in the community who need little or no assistance with daily living activities and secondly care for those who need assisted living or skilled nursing on a continual basis.  REX Living is built with compassion, care, and common sense.  The possibilities are endless in REX Communities.  We believe we have the solution necessary to keep retirees active in the workforce, promote a healthy environment, create controlled independence, and enhance care within our communities.
90-Day Participation 
Landowners have the ability to receive 125% of the list price by simply participating for only 90 days.  Land must appraise at a minimum of $2,000,000.   ​Read More.
Project Participation 
Landowners have the option to use their land for a REX Community and profit-share in all regional and center revenue.  Earn over $1,000,000 annually.   Click here for more details.
As Investor
Regardless of the cost, we have a program for funding in which landowners become local REX Services Business Owner while launching communities and much more.  Earn over $8,000,000 annually with this ONE option.   ​Read More.
Landowners have the opportunity to earn revenue now and in the future!  We have various levels of participation at a stress-free level.  The demand is greater than the supply.  We have a great challenge ahead and we need your help.